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Vision, Mission & Values


Develop a young generation, helping them to discover and nurture their inborn gifts and talents by focusing individually on the child.


Create and nurture an environment in which children can develop self-esteem, self-confidence while acquiring knowledge.
Create conditions that will attract the best minds to the field of education.
Work to bring in parents and other members of the community to the educational process.

Our Mission Statement

  • Acquire the basic tools of learning – numeracy, literacy, and oral skills
  • Develop a lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative mind with the ability to question and argue rationally
  • Become independent, self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • Develop an ability to work as a contributor within co-operative groups within school and within the wider community in which he/she lives
  • Develop a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs
  • Develop an understanding of the world in which he lives and of the interdependence of individual, groups, nation and the environment
  • Develop an aesthetic awareness and participate in the creative arts
  • Appreciate human achievement and aspirations
  • Develop interest and skills which will enable him/her to enjoy and make the best use of leisure time
  • Develop a wide range of physical skills and an understanding of the need for a healthy life style
  • Develop in the areas of competence needed for employment in the fast changing world


  • Care for self and others
  • Try hard and pursue excellence
  • Produce and product the common good
  • Respect rights and privileges of every citizen
  • Act in accordance with principles of moral and ethical conduct
  • Treat others with consideration and Regard
  • Be accountable for one’s own actions
  • Be honest, Sincere and seek the truth

Aims of the School

  • The curriculum of the WISE, Ajman is based on a clear set of aims which reflects the institution’s educational philosophy
  • To develop self-awareness, a positive self-image and the confidence to take advantage of opportunities to develop their own talents and personality in order to live as independent and self-motivated members of the community
  • To comprehend information and communicate effectively through the appropriate use of language, numbers and graphics
  • To promote the pupils’ health and ensure their physical well-being
  • To heighten awareness and understanding of the environment and environmental issue


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