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Schedule of Books sent from school

Grade 1 to 4

Days Subjects
Sunday EVS / Mathematics
Monday Mathematics
Tuesday English / Mathematics / Islamic Studies
Wednesday Language / Arabic / Mathematics
Thursday Language / Arabic / Mathematics

*(Computer and Islamic Studies would be sent twice in a month)

Please note the book schedule that will be followed for Grade 1 to 4. Kindly return the sent books positively the next day.

*The cycle test for Grades 1 to 4, will commence from November 2017, cycling every Thursday.
The subjects will be assessed in the following sequence.
English, Language, Mathematics, EVS and Arabic.

For all other classes, students will need to bring books as per their Time Table. Homework schedule for each class will be informed by the class teacher. On the weekdays, books for subjects with no homeworks are retained in school. On weekends, all notebooks and text books of Main Subjects are taken home.